Craig Kautsch started his first company when he was 23 years old. After 8 years of hard work and growth to 3 locations he found himself upside down $1,700,000 in bad debt by the time he was 31. Craig was passionate about being an entrepreneur but after his downfall it lost its luster…

The only thing Craig wanted was to feel the freedom of entrepreneurship, it left him with a BIG question… “Do I go get a job, or double down and try to climb out?” Finding comfort from his wife Jenn helped but he knew he was standing at the ultimate crossroads!

Craig Kautsch

Managing Partner and Founder

Almost 20 years ago right before he liquidated his first business, He partnered up with Lee Ellis to begin a new journey in Real Estate. They were both new in the business but had no choice but to go all in.  By the grace of God they somehow made $60k on their first two flips in the first two months.  

They couldn’t believe the potential in the real estate industry.  However, they quickly learned that anything worthwhile is a brutal climb.  They were barely paying their bills and feeding their families.  They pinched every penny and were constantly inches away from financial disaster.  The first decade was full survival mode. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when it’s all on the line. It was kinda like going “all in” at the poker table.

The real estate industry can be ruthless and unforgiving but he found a way to keep it all in perspective. Craig has a strong faith component to his life that enables his firm footing. God has a firm grip on him and is woven into the fabric of everything he does.  

Bobby Kailing is the COO of Clutch Lending. Also known as the brains behind the company. Bobby has extensive operational and systems knowledge. 

Bobby Kailing


This combination creates a seamless transaction flow with personal attention to every deal. Because of Bobby’s focus on the details, every deal closes on time.  

We help smart investors invest smarter.